EPDM foams are a common type of synthetic rubber utilised in commercial and industrial settings. It is renowned for its resilience to abrasion, chemicals, and the elements. Gaskets, seals, and other goods that call for a robust material that can tolerate harsh circumstances use EPDM foam.

ESD Protection/Conductive/Anti Static Foam

ESD protection/conductive/anti-static foams are usually created using metals, polymers, and even carbon. These are one kind of foam specifically created to conduct electricity. ESD protection/conductive/anti-static foams are ideal for mobile phones, noise filter cores, cable trays, and shielded rooms.  

PE and EVA Foam

PE and EVA foams are frequently utilised in goods like yoga mats and shoes. These are a strong, lightweight plastic used in packaging. PE and EVA foams are made up of ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer.

High Elastic Foam

The plastic and rubber foam qualities of high elastic foams are noteworthy. They can be used to create sports protectors, medical toilet seats, cushioning materials, and footwear. High elastic foams are overly hard and are not used to build the complete mattress.

Shock Absorption Foam
Open Cell Foam

Open cell foams are perfect for uses like mattresses and upholstery where breathability is crucial.  These are a type of foam that has an open structure, which means that the cells are not entirely sealed off from one another.

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